Dr. Philip Kim MD

Chief Medical Officer & Medical Advisor

Cannabis for Pain and Headaches: Primer

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Agri-Kind's Research-based Goals

  • Build our research off of the 30+ years of research performed on various Cannabinoids and Terpenes to date in Israel, UK, Canada, and more recently the United States.

  • Expand on the 25+ years of academic & NIMH Studies on the Endocannabinoid System coupled with the research of our partners, who are researching enhancements of pharmacokinetics or metabolism and body usage of scoped compounds from the cannabis plant.

  • Leverage our proprietary drug development technology platform to select key compounds by known effects and chemical structure to derive optimal formulations targeted at key conditions.

  • Utilize our proprietary patient care and outcomes platform to best analyze, document and continually improve product efficacy, dosage management, and overall patient care including the reduction of side effects and interactions.

  • Stay ahead of the curve in innovation over current, natural products available today and those currently under FDA clinical trials, forging new paths in the non-synthetic space.

  • Evolve the patient care aspects of the organization to include care centers and application of pharmacogenomics as we study relationships of known and new biomarkers that align to the cannabinoid receptors and various ailments.

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